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Dr. Denny Porting and Polishing

Dr. Denny passed away on April 7, 2011. He is missed by all who knew him. The shop is closed.

Dr. Denny is a Cylinder Head Porting & Polishing Shop. Dr. Denny does not do valve, guide or seat restoration or repair. We do, however, have an excellent head shop that we have used since 1981. Our shop is porting and polishing only.

A job half-done to illustrate the amazing improvement after a little treatment from the Doctor.

Porting and polishing are two distinct processes. Porting is contouring or sculpting the bowls and runners for the best possible shape to enhance air flow. It is most often removing metal to accomplish this, but sometimes it means adding material to ports or bowls. Polishing is a smoothing or texturing process that will leave the bowl, runner and radii with the desired look or feel depending on requirements or usage. If your inquiries are not addressed in this web site, e-mail is the way to go to get your answers inexpensively.